eleni_2.jpegWe LOVE getting the opportunity to serve the youngest of patients! Misalignments occur roughly 80% of the time after birth.It is so important for young ones to get checked so they can live a life without limits! Raising healthy children is easier than fixing sick adults! We spend time educating you so you feel comfortable bringing your child in to get checked. Consultations are always free so if you feel uneasy about anything, you can get your questions and concerns answered. When you bring your child in, The Doctors on staff will do an extensive neurological exam which consists of a variety of tests. No worries, they don't hurt! These tests are so we are able to see how your child is developing and how their brain and nervous system are functioning. We want to be sure we give your child the best and most specific care possible. That is why we spend time getting to know your child and doing the exams. 

Primitive reflexes are reflexes that tells us how your child is developing; if they are present past the appropriate age, it tells us that your child is not developing at the rate that they are suppose to. If this is the case we remediate these reflexes and get your child developing and functioning as best as possible. We often find these reflexes to go away in a few visits. After this we work on improving your child's movement, balance, coordination, and muscle tone to allow them to develop without any interference in the way!


Many people do not realize the importance of chiropractic care during pregnancy! It is not only vital to make sure that the pregnant mother is well aligned to make her pregnancy as comfortable as possible, but also important for the development of the child in the womb! Having proper function and alignment of your pelvis while pregnant is vital to make sure that your pregnancy goes as smoothly as possible! Having proper alignment of the pelvis also allows your infant to move as much as possible in the womb! Movement in the womb is what allows your child to start development of their primitive reflexes and their brain. We firmly believe at Infinity that the health of the mother during pregnancy, and the health of the pregnancy is a direct reflection of how your child is developing. Making chiropractic a part of your pregnancy plan is beneficial for the mother and the developing child!

Family Wellness

We believe that it is easier to create healthy families together! Many people have heard the phrase "Movement is Life". This is more than true for your body, making sure that your body, and your families bodies are moving as efficiently is a necessity for health! 90% of the nutrition and stimulation to the brain originates from proper movement of the spine, making sure that your families spines are being checked on a regular basis is vital for health! Having your family checked, and if necessary adjusted on a consistent basis has been proven to decrease sick days, decrease the necessity for medication, improve attention, learning, and improve wellbeing! 

"Raising healthy children is easier than fixing sick adults."

Come get your kids' nervous systems checked!


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