What to Expect

E.T.Your Child's First Visit

We truly are so excited and blessed at the opportunity to serve your kids and help them LIVE WITHOUT LIMITS! 

On the initial visit, one of our staff members will welcome you into our office and give you and your family a short tour so you feel at home at Infinity. We HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you, as parents, to play with your child in our office and stay off your electronics. We have games and toys for all ages and find it important to have that interaction with your child. Once the doctor you are scheduled with is ready, he will sit down with you and go over your child's history and address any questions or concerns you may have. We typically do this while the children are playing in the "Infinity Kids Clubhouse" or playing out in the waiting room with our office staff. 

We value educating parents and kids so you understand what it is that we do in our office. It is important you and your child feel comfortable with the care being provided. If your children feel most comfortable while playing, then our doctors will make accommodations to do so. 

If at all possible, WE RECOMMEND BOTH we recommend both parents being at this appointment; we find that kids get the best results when everyone is on the same page! At this appointment Dr. Josh will do a neurological exam and check your child's primitive reflexes, motor development, sensory perception and overall function. This gives him an understanding of how your child is developing so he can best serve your child. This first visit will also help him to determine if your kid would be a good candidate for our LIMITLESS PROGRAM.


We need to get a complete history of everything that has happened in your child's health from the very start. Knowing this information gives us a story of what their health has been like. It also gives us very valuable clues about what is potentially causing your concerns. The Doctors will discuss and educate on common chemical, emotional, or physical traumas that effect how your child is developing!

In our office, it's important that we provide specific care for your young ones. When it comes to your kids' health we do not guess, we test! All of the exams we perform are to see how your child's nervous system is developing and functioning. We assess primitive reflexes, balance, coordination, along with gross motor, sensory and visual systems. This gives us a very thorough evaluation on how your child's brain and body have developed. 


When there are imbalances in the nervous system it presents itself through imbalances in muscle tone! We do an assessment of all of the muscle tone of the entire body to see where your child is developing muscle tone correctly and which areas are over firing, or under firing! Good Muscle tone is the driving force of brain development and gives your brain constant feedback to tell your body where it is in relation to gravity! Making sure that kids are balanced is crucial to developing neurologically normal movement strategies, balance, and coordination! 


Primitive Reflexes are reflexes that are present at birth, but as the brain develops, they should go away. If found, after the age they are suppose to go away, this means that the brain is not developing appropriately. We want to make sure that EVERY child develops at the appropriate rate for them so they can live a LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS and to be sure they are reaching their developmental milestones. In many cases, Dr. Josh and Dr. Tyler are able to diminish these reflexes by stimulating different portions of the brain through adjustments, light stimulation, sound stimulation, vestibular stimulation, or motor activities.


The Doctors will put every patient through a Motor development assessment to see how their balance and coordination has developed or is functioning. Every child should have an ability to balance and coordinate their bodies to create appropriate movement! Balance issues are large indications that a child is not developing well! We utilize a computerized program on our  Neuro-sensory motor integrator to add to this assessment. This allows parents to see exactly where their child's center of gravity is and where they perceive their body in space! 


The ability to coordinate movement in conjunction with eye movements is extremely important for everything from reading and writing to catching a ball and throwing it! We utilize our Neuro-sensory motor integrator to do testing on hand eye coordination, visual tracking, and the ability to coordinate body movements with eye movements. If a child can not coordinate their body and eyes at the same time it will create large gross motor delays, fine motor delays, and learning difficulties! 


319666_orig.jpgGuessing is not something that we are willing to do when it comes to your health. X-Ray's show us the integrity of the structure of your spine. They tell us how long problems have been there, which gives us a road map of where to start with care. X-rays are not taken on every patient, depending on age and diagnosis will dictate if an x-ray is needed. 

Correcting the Cause

Dr. Josh will take time to thoroughly analyze the results of your exams and will go over them with you on your second visit. They will determine the amount of care needed and time it will take to correct the cause. We do this so we can be specific and give you the best care FOR YOU. This comprehensive plan is to correct and improve your body and health. We use the most state of the art chiropractic techniques, specifically designed for nervous system correction. Every 12 visits we re-asses how you or your child is functioning!  This helps us see how they are changing over time. We want to see that our patient's nervous and muscular systems are improving every visit, and more importantly, we want to see big changes over time. It takes time for the body to break down, and it also takes time for the body to heal. Making sure we are going in the right direction is important for your body to heal!

REMEMBER: Like anything, it takes time and repetition. You cannot expect to have an issue, that has taken several years to develop, to go away right away. So, be patient, it may be a rollercoaster sometimes, but we will be right there with you on your journey to your infinite health!


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