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Focus Builder Program

Brother and sisterI have had the great pleasure of working with many kids with learning and focus issues. These issues affect them in school, in sports, and in daily life. What I have found through my experience is that almost all of them share a very common developmental story, and have very similar abnormal development of their neurology.

Many people and doctors don’t realize that many of these issues stem from abnormal development that starts in the first months of life! The abnormal development that we typically see in these kids are listed below.

Abnormal Development of:

  • Primitive reflexes – most common abnormal reflexes found are the asymmetrical tonic neck reflex, symmetrical tonic neck reflex, Moro reflex, and tonic labyrinthine reflex.
  • Postural reflexes – Many kids do not develop their oculo-head righting reflex, and labyrinthine head righting reflex’s appropriately.
  • Vestibular imbalances – These imbalances create balance issues, posture issues, and issues with stability of your body.
  • Ocular tracking and stability imbalances – These issues create an inability for the eyes to work together, keep them stable and focused, and can create double vision.

When these key foundational systems are developed it gives your child a solid foundation to build off of. This neurological foundation is vital for higher centers (focus, impulse control, and attention) of the brain to function well.

Secondly diet and nutrient statuses are very important for this population. We will give the best dietary and supplements recommendations known in the research at this time for kids with focus issues.

This program is a 3 month program that can be extended as long as needed to get the desired results. This program has been designed out of working with thousands of kids with this issue and has been refined over time to get the best results possible. This program will take your child through the natural developmental process that should have occurred, that likely didn’t with your child with focus issues. It will help them to correct these common neurological deficits, and improve their lives!

Kids that are on this program have seen positive changes in:

  • Behaviors – calmer, better impulse control, able to cope and adapt to stress easier.
  • Improved focus – Able to focus longer and pay attention in class easier.
  • Improved learning – kids tend to improve reading speed and fluency, improves hand writing, and improve ability to sit still in class.
  • Improved coordination – you child will likely improve in balance, body awareness, improves ability to ride bike and improves ability in all athletic sports.
  • Other improvements noted – improves sleep, less sick days, improves allergies, less bed wetting. Overall improved mood, better posture, and more energy.


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