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Limitless Program in Waukee

Limitless program posterAt Infinity Chiropractic Center, it is our mission to help re-develop the underdeveloped and to give EVERY child the ability to #LIVEWITHOUTLIMITS. This program is designed to develop the brain and body from the ground, up. The brain develops in stages; each stage building on the one before it! So, if one stage happens abnormally or doesn’t happen at all, the later stages are also altered. This results in delays in normal development. It is our goal to re-develop children so they can hit their developmental milestones and be able to succeed in life!

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The link below shows what our Limitless Program pamphlet looks like. It will give you a small glimpse of what this program is. There is so much more to what you see, so if you have questions, please feel free to contact us!

Infinity Chiropractic Center Limitless Program in Waukee IA | (515) 264-3405