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New Patients

Mom and child at reception deskWe are honored to have the opportunity to help your child live without limits! Here at Infinity Chiropractic Center, we look forward to getting to know the little ones in our community and addressing their unique health needs.

Whether your child is seemingly healthy or experiencing noticeable setbacks – we are here with open arms, ready to do all we can to make a lasting difference in both your life as well as the life of your smallest loved one.

New Patients Welcome

During your initial, one-hour visit, one of our friendly staff members will greet you and give you and your family a short tour of our office to help make you feel more at home throughout your time with us. We highly encourage you, as parents, to play with your child while waiting to meet with Dr. Josh. Our practice has fun games and toys for a wide range of ages to encourage interaction with your child.

Once Dr. Josh is ready, he will sit down with you to discuss your child’s health history as well as address any questions or concerns you may have. We typically do this while the children are playing in the Infinity Kids Clubhouse or enjoying playful downtime in the waiting room under the careful supervision of our staff. At the conclusion of your initial visit, Dr. Josh will perform a neurological examination on your child to help him get a clearer picture of their specific needs.

Your Second Visit

At the time of your second visit, we will focus on your child’s report of findings and suggested plan of care. In no more than 30 minutes, we will review with you the results of your child’s neurological examination, including details regarding their primitive reflexes, motor development, sensory perception and overall function.

Between your first and second visits, Dr. Josh will have an in-depth understanding of how your child is developing and be able to determine if your child is a good candidate for our Limitless Program. Rest assured – with Infinity Chiropractic Center, your child’s best interest will always be at heart! Contact our practice to get started.

New Patients | (515) 264-3405