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Online Consultations

Sylized Brain ImageYour brain needs three things to be healthy:

  • It needs oxygen to fuel your cells and neurons.
  • It needs fuel that it can use efficiently to give energy to neurons as they grow.
  • It needs stimulation to grow and develop.

If your brain has all three of these things it will grow and develop appropriately. The thing is most kids don’t have one or more of these things in place to develop well. We developed an at home system that allows us to assess these factors of development and allow a child to start developing their brain and body the way they were supposed to!

With our system we have been able to helps kids with: ADHD, Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities, OCD, ODD, Behavioral outburst, Anxiety, Balance issues, Eye Tracking Issues, Low Muscle tone, Poor Coordination, and much more.

This system will allow us to get a thorough analysis of how your child has developed to this point and what neurological and metabolic weaknesses are present that are affecting how your child is developing.

How our online program works

First you will fill out a survey that will determine if you are a good fit for this system.  If Dr. Josh decides that this system could likely help your child he will then set up a free consultation to determine goals and discuss your child’s health.

If at this point we decide to proceed with online care an in home exam will be sent to you for you to perform and record on your own child. Dr. Josh will instruct you in video format on assessing your own child’s primitive reflexes, muscle tone, eye tracking, balance, hand eye coordination, and ability to create complex movements. All these tests will be recorded for review by Dr. Josh.

From there Dr. Josh will make a comprehensive plan to help your child develop these skills. This plan will include developmental exercises specific for your child, that have been tested with thousands of in office patients and proven to get results. He will also give dietary and supplement recommendations based off of their metabolic weaknesses, along with any exercises if needed to improve breathing and oxygenation.

Your child develops by getting adequate oxygen, appropriate fuel for THEIR brain, and the correct stimulation for THEIR brain and body weaknesses. We recognize that every child is neurologically and metabolically different, due to that fact every child’s developmental plan, diet recommendations, and supplementation recommendations will be completely different!

The system also allows us to monitor and track how your child’s neurology is developing and to make constant changes to their developmental plan and exercises as they develop.

Want to learn more?

Contact us today to learn more about online consultations.

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