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Online Developmental Coaching

Girl blowing on dandelionWhen working with thousands of patients I have found that there is an overall lack of understand on how abnormal development in the first months to years of life can create many issues for kids. If your child is struggling with learning, attention, or behavioral issues it is likely due to abnormal development in the early stages of life. I have also found that when we rehabilitate these early developmental stages kids symptoms improve greatly or completely resolve.

Through Dr. Josh’s extensive training in functional neurology, functional medicine, chiropractic and nutrition he has been able to help kids with many different symptoms. The main purpose of our online coaching is to give parents the understanding that is needed to help them get their child developing appropriately.

For your child’s brain to develop it needs three important things:

  1. Your child’s brain need stimulation with is given through developmental exercises specific to your child’s underdeveloped areas.
  2. Secondly it needs nutrients it can utilize for neurons to stay healthy when stimulation is given. This is the most common aspect of developmental care that is neglected, and I find one of the largest reason why kids don’t improve.
  3. Thirdly your child’s brain needs oxygen for neurons to grow and function well. So I will teach you about appropriate breathing strategies to optimize oxygen saturation!

Dr. Josh’s coaching will allow us to assess all of these aspects of development, by doing individualized examination done at home. This exam will bring to light all the developmental deficiencies that your child has that are contributing to their learning, attention, or behavioral issues. After this exam we are able to put together a comprehensive plan to help your child improve. This plan will be designed to be accomplished in the convenience of your own home.

We will discuss the current research in diet and supplementation to help your child, and give you dietary recommendations and supplement recommendations to help your child improve quicker.

Helping a child to develop is not a difficult process if you approach it appropriately, and most importantly if you are willing to make lifestyle changes and put in the time that is needed to help your child! To qualify for this program you will need to be willing to invest time, and be willing to change your child’s lifestyle habits. If this is you, I am more than excited to work with you!

Dr. Josh has a very limited availability for online consulting due to his busy in office practice, so if you are interested please fill out the survey below to determine if you qualify for online coaching!

Online Developmental Coaching Request Form

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