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Sports Readiness Program

Participating in sports is one of the best things that your child can do for their development. Sports help them develop lifelong skills like teamwork, communication, and also physical development! The sad thing is many of the kids that we see do not feel confident enough in their bodies to feel comfortable playing sports.

This realization that many kids don’t play sports because they don’t have good enough balance, or hand eye coordination saddens me greatly. So I decided to create a program to help these kids become confident in their bodies. I used my background in neurology and biomechanics to develop a system to help these kids develop well enough to get into sports and be confident in themselves!

This is an in office program that allows us to do a full developmental and neurological exam to determine your child’s developmental weaknesses. We will look at how your child developed:

  1. Primitive reflexes
  2. Balance
  3. Eye tracking
  4. Hand eye coordination
  5. Muscular Development

After determining developmental abnormalities your child has Dr. Josh will develop a in office and at home program to help your child develop these skills. The in office sessions are 30 minute session and the at home responsibilities are about 15 minutes a day.

If you have a child that just doesn’t want to play sports, it is likely because they don’t feel confident in themselves. Over time we will see improvements in your child’s balance and coordination, their hand eye skills, and we will see them becoming confident in their bodies. This new found confidence is vital for them getting into sports and feeling like they can be an active participant. This is needed for them to want to continually play sports as they develop.

Sports Readiness Program | Infinity Chiropractic Center