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Infinity Chiropractic Center Reviews

Hands holding heartWhat Our Waukee Patients Say

At Infinity Chiropractic Center we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us. Share your stories too! Click here to send us your feedback so that we can help to spread the word about the benefits of natural Infinity Chiropractic Center care. For more information, or to schedule an appointment contact us today.

Caring Doctor and Staff

I can’t explain how grateful I am that we took our son to Dr. Josh and Larissa. I had complained to my pediatrician that my son wasn’t sleeping through the night and that he seemed to be in some sort of discomfort for 2 years. 2 YEARS! I tried everything you could think of and ended up just having him sleep on my chest because it’s the only sleep him and I could get. After two weeks of seeing Dr. Josh my son went from waking up all the time and being restless all night long and then no naps during he day, to sleeping comfortably all night long and a 1-2 hour nap during the day. I’m still in shock and have to check his breathing sometimes throughout the night because he is resting so peacefully and I’m not used to it. The amount of stress they have lifted off my shoulders to know my son is actually getting that deep sleep he needs, and me too of course, is absolutely the single greatest thing anyone has ever done for our little family. Dr. Josh, Larissa, and Oliver, will always have such a special place in my heart for caring so much for us.

– Amy F.

Life Changing

Who would have thought that Doctor Josh could have helped our 11 year old with her car sickness!! Our daughter couldn’t travel in the car for 5 minutes without getting car sick. It made it miserable to travel for her and the family. Doctor Josh told me he could take of it. To say I was a doubter would be an understatement. After 2 months, she has no car sickness symptoms at all and she isn’t getting headaches in school. Besides all the other reflexes that he has helped, this one is life changer. We are forever indebted. Thank you!!!!

– Mandy M.

Professional Practice

We started our journey with Infinity Chiropractic and Dr. Josh last fall (October) after I noticed my son was struggling with more bloody noses, pain in 1 leg and his lower back and some feelings of anxiety. Dr. Josh did a great assessment, provided clear explanation and practical home exercises. My son got some great results, noting at least 50% improvement in all areas with more like 75% improvement in most of the areas. These included improvements in pain, improvements in anxiety symptomology, decrease in frequency of bloody noses and better coordination and balance. Thank you, Dr. Josh (& Laryssa) for all of your hard work. In addition, I liked the professionalism and concern that was shown. Thank you!

– Deb N.

A Success Story

Our one year old was still not sleeping through the night. He was walking up at least once and most times 2-3 times a night. It got to a point where he was screaming (like he was in pain) and harder to put back to sleep. He was also a very restless sleeper. I had been following these guys for a while and loved all of the success stories. We finally decided to have our little guy evaluated. Best decision we’ve made. Dr. Josh is so knowledgeable in caring and treating his patients. I was a little skeptical at first, but after the first appointment and finding out that his moro reflex wasn’t developed I was on board. For us it took a few visits and exercises throughout the day to see a change. But now our happy guy is sleeping 12-13 hours along with better naps during the day!! Praise the Lord for these guys! You changed our life! Thank you both Josh and Laryssa for your passion for kids and chiropractic care!

– Andrea S.

Thrilled with Progress

I don’t even know how to describe how thankful we are for Dr Josh! So I decided to my 8 yr old how he felt about his treatments. He says “I love them! At first my brain had a hard time, but now it feels better! I think it’s working now!” And what I see – a little boy who is laughing again. We went from a boy who was angry multiple times on a daily basis, crying often, not able to handle changes in routines or large crowds. Homework was a nightmare, reading was extremely difficult. Stomach troubles and restless nights were common. No matter what his teachers tried, he was still struggling to pay attention in class. By his third appointment, we had completely stopped allergy meds. He is sleeping great, excited about the new healthy diet and exercises given to us. He handles all day outings and crowds like a champ, is excited about school, not fighting homework, and reading better than he has before! We are no longer walking on eggshells, afraid any request we make will bring anger or tears. He completes daily chores without being asked and with a smile on his face. Dr Josh and Laryssa are so kind and genuine, it’s impossible not to like them! The care our son has received with Infinity is unlike any we have ever experienced before. We are halfway through his program and are so thrilled with his progress!

– Lea T.

Big Improvements

Summarized version: So happy with the decision to bring our son to Infinity! We have seen some big improvements in a short amount of time. All staff excel in customer service and truly enjoy what they do.

Ok, now the long version. From the first message that I sent to Infinity through Facebook just to inquire about assistance with my son and lack of speech, they were fast to respond back and informed me that Dr. Josh would give me a call when it was convenient for me! He called at 8pm which was perfect for me to be able to focus on what our concerns were and to answer his questions. Just from that conversation my husband and I knew that Dr. Josh was knowledgable and we felt comfortable going in for the assessment. The receptionist greeted us by name, explained what we should expect during the appointment and gave us a tour. She offered to watch our son while we spoke so we could focus on the information. My son thought the assessment was fun and has enjoyed the sessions since then. Dr. Josh informed us that our son had several primitive reflexes that were holding him back from developing better speech skills. He made sure we understood that he does not work on speech directly but essentially integrates the barriers. Fast forward 2 weeks… our son is listening better and seems to be understanding more of what we are saying. For Valentine’s Day he was able to make a handprint craft with ease. This was something he had always fought. My daycare provider certainly noticed! Now we have finished 12 sessions and he is listening so well and is comprehending more of what we are saying. He is following instructions more frequently. We have less tantrums. He is copying more words and attempting to say more. We are very happy we found Infinity Chiropractic and have enjoyed working with their team!

– Alyssa P.

Positive Change

Let me start out by saying I was a pretty big skeptic. But our 8 year old struggled with basic fine motor tasks and gross motor skills. After 4 years of us trying to teach him he still lacked the fine motor skills to tie his own shoelaces, and his handwriting was almost illegible. He also had developed an intolerable attitude- he wasn’t any fun to be around. He was miserable and so were we. We started talking about having him evaluated for ADD. We were basically desperate for a solution. After a few discussions with Dr. Josh (Poor Dr. Josh and Laryssa– we needed way more encouragement than we should have) we decided to have Dr. Josh evaluate and subsequently treat our son. The changes have been amazing- his handwriting improved almost immediately. When I saw his school work from the start of the year compared to a few weeks later I was shocked–that was when I started to pay attention–maybe something was really happening! Next he tied his shoes! He just sat down one day without a fuss (remember I said he had a bad attitude) and watched me tie one and he tied the other (did I mention we did this for 4 YEARS) the next day he tied them both himself. After that my husband and I both said to each other one night- does he seem different to you- happier and more cooperative? Yes, we both thought something was changing. But this is the best part- one of his teacher’s at school approached me and told me that over the past few weeks she noticed lots of positive changes in our son. He was sitting still better, his focus was better, things were suddenly just clicking for him! I feel like Dr. Josh gave us our son back. Our house is more peaceful and I worry about him so much less. THANK YOU Dr. Josh!

– Kay VW.

Grateful for Dr. Josh

My daughter has amblyopia which effects her eye tracking and she also gets frequent headaches. Her eye doctor referred us to Dr Josh to help with the eye tracking and in hopes that it would alleviate the headaches. I will be the first to admit I was struggling to see how a chiropractor would help her eyes but I was willing to try anything to help her. After our initial appointment I became a believer. After two weeks my daughter was headache- free. It’s been almost a week since her last headache and she’s someone who was having headaches 1-2 times a week, sometimes rather severe. Her eye tracking and eye suppression has improved as well. Her left eye will “shut off” if something becomes too hard for it to focus on. After a few weeks of chiropractic work in conjunction with vision therapy her eye is not suppressing when she does vision exercises anymore. It’s a long process and we’re only in the beginning stages but I can already see improvements. He told us that through the exercises she would do she would also gain better coordination. She plays spring and fall softball but struggles to hit the ball with regularity. I chalked it up to the fact that she’s 8 and had just started playing on an organized team. She and I practiced yesterday for the first time in 6 weeks and both she and I were in awe at how well she was catching and hitting. She was making contact with the ball almost every time. I am so grateful for finding Dr. Josh and for his vast knowledge on how the brain and body are connected and how they are supposed to work together correctly. He is helping my daughter make adjustments that will effect the rest of her life. As a parent, that is priceless.

– Natalie M.

Amazing Experience!

We were referred to Dr. Josh by some friends. Our daughter suffers from OCD and anxiety. Dr Josh found that she was weak in several areas of her reflexes. With his help and guidance we have seen huge improvements in my daughters health and over all happiness in a matter of just a few months! Amazing! We love Dr. Josh, Laryssa and Oliver!

– Jennifer R.

Gives You Hope

Dr. Josh is an amazing clinician. He truly cares for your well being and has extensive training in the field. He is devoted to learning and growing his knowledge base for his patients. His training in pediatrics is unparalleled. He will seek out the neurological cause of their developmental delays and help them thrive! I would trust my family to his care any day of the week. If you’re looking for a doctor who will listen and give you hope for your condition, stop in and have a conversation with.

– Dr. Trevor E.

More Than Your Typical Chiropractic Office

Infinity Chiropractic Center is not your average chiropractic office. The standard of care that Dr. Josh and Laryssa provide is not only excellent, but truly the best care you will find. They make you feel so welcome and at home and they be sure that they give you the best care possible. Dr. Josh puts in the time in giving his patients 100% and makes sure that he educates his patients so they understand what it is that he does. He always answers my questions.

– Kathy H.

The Finest Choice

Dr. Josh is amazing at simplifying the most complex brain disorders and breaking them down into comprehendible, formatted informational classes and solutions. He has helped me with a few vestibular imbalances, and has helped toddlers who were told by professional neurologists they “would never walk again” actually walk again. Like a Jesus in disguise Josh heals the “incurable” and helps those in need. His compassion is genuine as is his work. DEFINITELY the finest choice in the Des Moines area.

– Jon P.

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